Clyde Street Remediation

Welcome to the web site for the Clyde Street Remediation Project. We hope that this site will provide you with a range of useful information about the project, which will allow you to feel informed, ask any questions and provide suggestions – to help improve the project overall.

Jemena is in the early stages of preparing for environment remediation work at the former Newcastle Gasworks site. Planning is being done in consultation with the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), the City of Newcastle Council, and other planning authorities. The Newcastle Gas Company operated the site as a gasworks from 1913 to 1985. In 2006 Jemena inherited the site as part of a business transaction, and plans to remediate contamination left over at the site from its days as a gasworks.

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The proposed remediation project

In August 2011 the EPA declared the Clyde Street, Hamilton site to be 'Significantly Contaminated Land', under the NSW Contaminated Land Management Act.

Since 2012 Jemena has been working within a Voluntary Management Proposal (VMP) framework for the management and eventual remediation of the contamination at the site. We are now preparing for remediation work on the site.

Environmental consultants are carrying out investigations to better understand the nature and extent of contamination on the site. A Remediation Action Plan and Environmental Impact Statement will be prepared before any impactful remediation works begin.

The major remediation component is expected to start in late 2016, and be completed by mid-2018.

Latest news

Jemena is progressing with site investigation works and has been in discussion with government authorities including the Environmental Protection Authority and the City of Newcastle.

The Voluntary Management Proposal 2 has been approved for the site.

We held our second community drop-in information session in late October 2014 which provided a opportunity for the local community to learn more about the planned remediation for the site. Thank you to all those who attended, your input was valuable. Click on the Community Consultation tab to learn more about the 2014 sessions and view the presentation material.

Resident details

Earlier in June 2014, we sent our first project newsletter to around to 1000 neighbouring residents and businesses. Follow up letters have been sent in November 2014 and August 2015. Copies of the community letters can be viewed here.
November 2014 letter
August 2015 letter


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